The Key to Success

“The Key to Success” – Seminar

This Hypnotic Seminar is designed to help you achieve success in every area of your life. Whether you are focusing on Wealth, Health, Spirituality, Personal or Physical Goals, this program will help you to facilitate the success process. With continued use, you will not only be able to achieve your goals, but you will experience success beyond your comprehension and   imagination like never before. Not only will you start noticing immediate results, but you will enjoy lasting changes in your success mindset; changes that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

The Seminar can be structured as a Keynote Presentation, Breakout Session, Four Hour Workshop, or even as a Full or Multi-Day Retreat. This seminar is perfect for sales people, consultants, entrepreneurs or individuals that want to go to the next level in setting and achieving their life goals. The program, whether as a keynote or a multi-day retreat, is delivered by Michael C. DeSchalit, who is a nationally recognized entertainer, speaker, published author and the creator of “The Key to Success”. Michael’s unique presentation style is one that is just the right mix of education and comedy making the program exciting and fun to attend. Some have described it as “Edutainment!!!”

So make you next corporate meeting, sales training or educational program one that the attendees will remember for a long, long time and book Michael C. DeSchalit to present… “The Key to Success”!!!



“The Key to Success”

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This Thumbdrive contains my latest Hypnosis Audio Program that will help you to achieve success in every area of your life. It helps you to address your attitude, prosperity and abundance, forgiveness, being in control, setting goals, gratitude and much, much more. It is seven chapters long and over 80 minutes of listening time with hypnotic visualizations that go with each chapter in order for you to be able to make the changes you want in life and achieve your goals beyond your wildest imagination.

AND… As an added bonus, you also receive Seven Self-Hypnosis Recordings (All of the ones pictured below on this website plus more), the “I AM” Children’s Hypnosis Book and the accompanying audio program, the “Unleash the Power of Success” Book and accompanying audio program. All of these programs if purchased individually would be valued at over $250.00. But now you can have it all for only…

$250.00    $49.95 + FREE SHIPPING

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